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Welcome to Jaherbs


The contents of this website are extracts from a forthcoming book of the same name.

The information provided is referenced for those who want to do further research on particular plants. The information provided is accurate according to published studies and other sources.

The properties and activities of the herbs which are reported indicate possible uses for these herbs in humans. The vast majority of the reported effects are either laboratory experiments with test tubes (in vitro) or on animals (in vivo). All the herbs, however, have a long tradition of use in humans and cautionary advice is provided where appropriate.

For most common ailments and conditions, herbs are a safe and effective first or self aid. However, where there are persistent and serious symptoms, it is always advisable to seek the help and advice of a qualified, medical professional.

A glossary of herbal medical terms is appended for quick reference. Information on the preparation of herbs and a quick reference on the use of the herbs for a range of health conditions are also included.

How to use the herbs

Many of the books in the references provide more detailed information on the many ways to use herbs. I will be giving here a relatively brief and general summary of ways to prepare herbs for use. Herbs can be used either fresh or dried, depending on the particular use and herb. It is important that the herb is in good condition without mould or fungus and free from infestation by insects.