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The Herbs
Hog Plum

Hog plum grows in many tropical areas. The erect tree can reach a height of 20m. The trunk has deep incisions in the bark that often produce a brown resin that can be used as glue. Before the tree starts to flower, it strips itself of most of the leaves and bears small, fragrant, whitish flowers. The small green fruits bear in clusters turning yellow when ripe.

Jack'na Bush

Jack'na Bush is a spreading shrub which can grow up to 4m high. It has slightly oval leaves that have dented margins and a long tip. It is native to tropical and sub-tropical Americas, but now grows in many tropical regions. The plant has fluffy, cream flowers, which disperse on the wind when dry.

King of the Forest

King of the forest is a shrub that is native to the tropical regions of the Americas, but is now grown in other regions of the world. King of the Forest has large leaves up to 20cm long which are coarse to the touch. The shrub bears pretty, erect, yellow flowers which look like candles.

Leaf of Life

Leaf of life is native to Africa but is now grown widely in tropical and sub-tropical areas. It is a succulent plant that grows up to 1.5m high, with reddish tinge to the stems. The leaves have indented edges, from which other small plants can grow. When mature, leaf of life bears clusters of bell shaped flowers.

Milk Weed

Milk weed is a small, trailing weed, found in many tropical parts of the world. It often has reddish stems with greenish flowers on the stems. The plant produces a milky sap when the stems are cut.


Moringa is native to Northern India, but is now cultivated across many geographical areas from arid environments to tropical parts of Africa and the Caribbean. The moringa tree grows quickly and is relatively slender with drooping branches and has pale green, feathery, compound leaves. The flowers are creamy-white to yellow and bears long triangular pods which can be from 30-100cms in length. The fruits of the moringa tree have winged seeds, which is rich in oil.


A small tree or shrub, noni can grow up to 8m high with leaves of up to 35 cm long. It has whitish flowers which bear a fruit that looks like a small, green, oval breadfruit and can be up to 15 cm long. When mature the fruits become whitish and almost translucent with a distinctive, unpleasant smell.


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